I call them experiments that didn’t work out. Some I keep just to remember what not to do next time. If I have some, I’m sure everyone has some.. Among all the things, the bride takes extreme care in selecting the dress she wears for the wedding ceremony and for the events post the wedding ceremony. The wedding dress for the bride epitomizes the beauty of the princess and elegance of the goddess. Generally brides select white color to symbolize purity.

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There was a time, not long ago, when naming a Memphis “Athlete of the Decade” was a one stop shop. Pick the best Memphis State basketball player, and you had your man. In the 1970s it was Larry Finch. Back when professional athletes competed in AAU, Little League and peewee leagues, many of them didn’t begin playing the position at which they are now seen as the epitome of excellence. The NBA’s Anthony Davis, now listed at nearly 7 feet tall, often played point guard before his college years. MLB’s Buster Posey, now one of baseball’s most talented catchers, developed his signature arm strength at shortstop..

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