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GILL (Genius Institute of Leadership and Learning) Tutoring is an innovative Educational Support Program which offers tutoring and learning support programs to learners from Grades 4 until 12 in the following learning areas: Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Physics, Life Sciences, Economics and Accounting.

Since its inception in 2014, GILL Tutoring has been providing learners with quality tutoring services and tailor-made learning programs in a wide range of Primary School and High School Subjects. In addition, GILL Tutoring also offers tutoring support services for an array of university courses, including Mathematics, Accounting, Micro and Macro Economics, SQL programming and database design as well Financial Management.

Vision statement:
To be a leading tutoring and learning support program provider within the Southern African market.

Mission statement:
To consistently provide quality and world-class tutoring services and Learning support material to all our students and establish GILL Tutoring centers across all major towns in Southern Africa.


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We offer services to clients residing in the following areas

Pretoria North

Center Manager


+27 66 220 8298


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Courses offered

Grades 4 until 12

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Accounting
  • Physics
  • Life Sciences
  • Economics

University Courses

  • First year Mathematics
  • Accounting up to Second Year
  • Micro/Macro Economics (1st year)
  • SQL/Oracle courses
  • Database Management courses
  • Financial Management


The service I received from GILL Tutoring was amazing. The tutors are knowledgeable but funny. There is never a dull moment! But what I enjoyed most was the learning- especially Mathematics. My Mathematics and Physics marks have improved significantly, and I am now looking forward to completing my Grade 12 with great marks.


GILL Tutoring really assisted me to excel in my Grade 12 year. My Mathematics and Physics marks improved by two levels. I was even absorbed as a tutoring assistant and look forward to pursuing studies in Medicine.


GILL tutoring has really helped regain my confidence. I started with the tutoring program two years ago, when I was on the verge of failing in Grade 8. The centre manager and her tutoring assistants really believed in me and pushed me to reach the highest of my potential. I am pleased to announce that I passed my grade 8 year and am currently 10. I am looking forward conquering life, school and achieving my goals!


GILL Tutoring has really helped me improve my marks by empowering me to be an independent and confident learner. I would encourage anyone looking to improve their marks to join the tutoring program.



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